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Women's Health Matters.

Women's Health Matters

Here are some suggestions for women concerned about their health. Topice here include health and safety matters including life style choices, cancer and immune health.

Life style choices involve the concept that many women seem to have thought that finding Mr. Right involved bars, clubs and hotels. Not only are these risky places, these are places where there is likely to be mostly alcoholics, cheaters and players. Men who tend to use and abuse women. Those were the sort of negative influences people should be removing from any involvement with.

The sort of people who one should look for are those who are happy, caring responsible adults who respect women. These are the ones who make good husbands and fathers. They are the ones who are going to nurture and create a happy healthy inviroment that is relaxing. They are the ones whom are going to be good for healthy living and strong immune systems.

For women to heal and be healthy, having someone who is kind and nurturing is most important. Those who are negative, abusers and users, they cause stress for no reason. You need relazation, calm, quiet, good, healthy living situations to be happy and have good immune systems. Life style and people whom you choose to associate with are very important for your health and safety.

Women who want to find Mr. Right should realize, the good husband and father is going to be at home with his family, working or sleeping. The men who are respectful and considerate of women are the ones who would respect them and their privacy. As such, they would never disturb them just for themselves. The way for women to meet Mr Right is to invite him to a public place when she has many of her friends around to survey the situation.


Cancer is one of the more serious concerns of many women. Lifestyle choices maybe a factor where women who have to play safe to prevent many health problems including cancer.

Removal of the tumor, lumpectomy, and nutritional supplements that promote good immune health seem to be the best treatment for cancer. Healthy tissue is maintained.

Today, there are non surgical lasers that maybe used on almost any form of cancer. These include the Gamma Knife at :

and Cyber Knife at :

The Gamma Knife uses laser X Rays. The Cyber Knife uses radiation. These are both non surgical treatments that maybe used on most forms of cancers. They are used on brain tumors where could not be used before.

One thing to be aware of about cancer treatments is the use of chemo. This is very harmful treatment and not known to improve health. The whole idea of treating cancer is that healing occurs when the immune system is strong. Chemo does not help the immune system. Chemo maybe the cause of people not having good health.

One of the things to watch out for is chemo. This is the sort of thing that is worse than cancer. And, it often does little good. Cheno does prevents the immune system. Something doctors tell people that is what heals cancer.

Suzanne Pleshet and Patsy Ramsey had Chemo. They are not around any more. Suzanne Summers refused chemo. She is around. Suzanne Summers is someone who had all the regular test for breat cancer. Yet, her breast cancer was detected by ultra sound. A safe, non radiation, non injury, more effective way to find breast cancer.

Do doctors tell women of the risk factors of chemo? Because it seems like chemo is very harmful. While, some people may survive chemo, any sort of implying that there is any benefit to chemo is something that one wonders. Because how would one know, in any given situation if people would be better without chemo.

While, nothing or supplements to improve the immune system have been used by many people who survived cancer without any medical treatment. We do know that people have to have good nutrition to maintain good health and a strong immune system. While the unhealthy side effects of chemo are worse than most forms of cancer. Seeking healthy nutrition and relaxation and shutting out the negative and abusive people and causes of stress is a much more healthy alternative.

A healthy immune system is the result of healthy living. People who seek to get good general health, nutrition, relaxation, and plenty of sleep are going to be much healthier. There are supplements that do improve the function of the immune system. Some of these supplements are mentioned here and on other pages.


To explain what is meant by life style choices, a woman who is a good mother and wife is used. We shall call her JL. JL may mean Just Lovely. Or just someone who is a good role model. JL is one who stays home or with people whom she knows and trusts with her husband. She is devoted to her family. They are the only ones she associates with. Anyone else who maybe a threat to her privacy or relationships is removed and kept away. JL stays with and associates only with her boy friend/ husband. The only one she should have been involved with. JL keeps all those negative influences who do not respect her and her privacy out. JL knows her happiness, good health and future are what is most important.

The thing is that only people who are not respectful are the sort who would go to where you live or were staying. They were the same sort who would try to take unfair advantage of any person or situation they were involved with. They would falsely imply they were involved in getting child custody. When their involvement was to interfere and keep one from getting custody so they could take unfair advantage. They were the reason why one did not have custody. They were the cuase of the problems rather than the answer as they were trying to falsely imply.

This is why the guys who seem nice are often the ones who are the worst as far as what is good for the women. They are the cons, repeated felons who are only out to use women. They do not care. That is only a pretense as is any other sort of involvement they falsely imply legitimacy about. They usually have little or no mind. And are often the ones who were involved in trying to stab anyone in the back who did not know any better about them. Those are the ones whom you really want to avoid.

Good men are not going to approach you. Because out of respect, they are going to let you choose things. They are never going to ask you to do things that are not good or maybe going to get you into trouble. That is mostly all those whom pretend to be friends, the fakes who are full of flakes, about all they did. When all they were about was misusing what ever authority they implied they had to use and abuse people. No one else wanted anything to do with them. And anyone who knows them would never associate with them. That is why they are disturbing you. Because not being honest or fair is the only way they could act.

Such people who pretend to be nice are almost always the cause of problems. They usually have little to offer except trouble. That is why they sneak around and seek inappropriate involvement with felony fake investigations, felony privacy violations and felony assaults. That is what those whom seemed so "nice" are often about. And, if you asked people who knew them, they would probably use the words to describe them as what they were.

Nice would probably not have been the words used to describe them. If they were any good, they would never have did or acted the way they did. Beware of anyone who pretends to be nice. They are probably much different than what false pretenses they pretended to have been.

People who care about you are going to warn you of any threats or dangers. They are going to tell you about what situations or people are like. They are going to watch out for you and take action to protect you from threats of harm. They are going to tell you of situations that may not be safe.

That is why you have to be careful about what you hear from whom. Those who did not care would tell you things that were not true. They would try to get you to do things that were not good for you. They would try to deliberatley interfere and cause trouble for you and those whom you care about. They only care about themselves. You need people who care about you and yours.

Travel Safety For Women.

Travel Safety. Travel together as a group. Stay together.
Stay home or stay with people you know and trust.
Door wedge to block door 3/dollar carry and use to block the door of your room. Never answer door when alone.
If someone disturbs you, call 911. Run to safety.
If you are attacked, yell fire, scream, kick.
Get emergency medical treatment immediately.

Staying at hotels and motels is risky for women. For travel that maybe where they could not stay with people they know. Only, to meet someone they do not know, that was dangerous.
People who care about you may not even know where you are
The sort of people who would go there are probably those whom no one would want if they knew him.

They were the sort who do not respect women or care about them. They were only out to use or abuse. People who care about them would never ask them to do that.

Just like people who care about them would only suggests good things. And people who take unfair advantage of women or children are not good things. That is why women have to always be on their guard against anyone who approaches or contacts them. They are probably not good.

People who care about them would warn women to stay away from those places and those people. Mr. Right is not going to bother anyone there. He probably does not know they are there. That is all just a risky scene for the sake of nothing.

The situation is different for women approaching men. Because most women are not stalkers or out to harm. That is a very different situation of where women choose to approach a man. That is a situation that maybe more of a threat to the women. Especially if they do not know the man. Women really have to be careful about their personal safety.

Immune Health.

Supplements for maitaining a healthy immune system include Immune Essentials from This includes Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms know for their immune enhancing ability. Swansons Health Products have over a dozen different supplements for improving ones immune system.

Swansons Health Products have some of the best prices and selection of nutritional supplements. The phone number is 1-800-437-4148. The address is Swansons Health Products, P. O. Box 2803, Fargo, ND 58108-2803

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